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  Data Drive Thru PC Eraser™

How It Works

Deleting a file does not remove a file. The deleted file is still there on the hard drive waiting just waiting for someone to come along and steal your information. The Data Drive Thru PC Eraser™ is the fix. Select files using either drag-n-drop from the Windows GUI or use PC Eraser's™ File Selector. Click on destroy, and let PC Eraser make your files disappear using Department of Defense Standards.

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   US DoD 5220(22M) E,C and E solutions, 7 pass.

   US DoD 5220(22M) E solution, 3 pass.

   Simplified Random Data solution 1 pass.

   Guttman 35 pass solution set

   Compatible with Win98, WinME, Win2000, and WinXP.

   removes data from FAT, FAT32, and NTFS partitions.

   Files located on a customizable protection list are skipped.

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The easy to use graphical user interface allows you to select files and folders to build an erasure list. A seperate list allows you to specify files and extensions that you do not want to destroy. Also includes the ability to destroy any remnant data located in unallocated disk space.

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PC Eraser™

Simply deleting files does not destroy them. Using PC Eraser™ erases files with Department of Defense Standard 5220 so that they cannot be recovered through normal means.
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